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AS/A Level and University Biology Tutoring

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Tuition tailored to your needs

Everyone seeks tuition for different reasons: sometimes they find the process of exams impossibly daunting; their mind doesn't seem engage easily with a certain subject; or they pull the short straw with school teachers. I want to help you do as well as possible in exams, but, along the way, to work out what it is that is holding you back from achieving your full academic potential, and how to solve it. Solving academic issues can have all sorts of positive knock-on effects in other aspects fo your life. I also want to show you that biology is such a wonderful and exciting subject when approached the right way.

I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a triple first in Biological Natural Sciences and a Masters in History of Science, returning to complete a PhD. Over the past 10 years, I have taught more than 50 one-to-one students for 1000's of hours, at many different levels of ability and ages. Invariably, our sessions helped students to surprise themselves with what they were able to achieve. 

I offer OCR, Edexcel (A&B), AQA, CIE and Pre-U expertise for AS/A-Level students. I can also help with Oxbridge entrance, University biology modules and essay writing.

If you feel that biology is not your strong suit, or you would like some help making sure you get the marks you want, get in touch and let's discuss what I can do for you!

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I offer sessions for AS/A-Level or University biology, project/essay writing, interview and exam preparation. These can be at home in North London, where I like to use specimens from my natural history cabinet to illustrate wherever possible. Or, for a small travel fee, I can come to your for sessions.


Via Skype

I offer sessions for AS/A-Level or University biology, project/essay writing, interview and exam preparation online too, which can work just as well for most people. These are more cost-effective and flexible to arrange.


In-person or Skype

If you are approaching exams and feel like you need a LOT of help FAST, I can work with you over one or more intensive days to cover all the material you need and get you up to speed rapidly so that you can ace your exams. Get in touch and we can design a bespoke course for you.

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Recent feedback:

'Natalie is tutoring my daughter in A level Biology and is doing a marvellous job. Ella finds the tutorials really helpful and Natalie is always timely, well presented and professional. Very impressed!' 

(Kevin, Barnsbury, 2018, First Tutors )

Natalie has been an excellent tutor for our daughter. She is a really good teacher - and has been helpful, patient and thorough. She has extensive knowledge of biology and related subjects - but also conveys a passion for the subject. She has supported our daughter for nearly two years - and has helped her enormously. I would thoroughly recommend Natalie as a tutor.

(Nigel, Highgate, 2017, First Tutors)

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London, UK

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